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National Education Technology Standards 2007

Page history last edited by David Valerio 11 years, 4 months ago


Visit the homepage for the International Society for Technology in Education at http://www.iste.org






What seems to be the focus of the National Educational Technology Standards for 2007?  Are the goals realistic for all educational institutions?  How can you address these goals in your classroom?


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Comments (4)

David Valerio said

at 10:35 am on Feb 20, 2009

The major drive of the NETS 2007 appears to be a move toward higher order thinking paired with a global mentality. As teachers we have to be leaders in technology usage. We must inform students about the global citizenship that they acquire when they become digital information users. Students already use sites like myspace.com to share and learn. We have to make sure that we are modeling proper practices for them in the classroom.

Everyone can use technology and address the NETS in their classroom. There are plenty of ways to do things, lots of solutions for a problem. With all of the tools available, there are at least a couple of things that any teacher will find interesting enough and simple enough to use! We need to make sure that we stress to all teachers that we need to work smarter, not harder.

Amber Jackson said

at 9:20 am on Apr 3, 2009

The standards are not realistic for the Tennessee Educational System. Technology funding is impractical. We will not be able to keep up with national standards with limited technological resources.

Cassandra said

at 9:22 am on Apr 3, 2009

The focus of NETS appears to to help educators prepare learners for the emerging global community. It is crucial that learners develop a sense of continuous learning and creativity in order to prepare themselves for the unknown.

Teresa McDaniel said

at 9:24 am on Apr 3, 2009

'Humble" does not describe the enormity of the burden I feel for "catching up" with technology in my classroom as I attempt to bring my students into this century with technology from the last century. Following closely, I feel enthusiasm as my mind races to the true definition of "infusing technology" into my classroom! Thank you, David!

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