Original Technology Infused Lessons

The following is a listing of all of the technology infused lessons created by Jackson-Madison CSS  teachers during their day of training, April 3, 2009. 


NOTE:  Some of the lessons may live on personal teacher wikis.  You may have to come back to this page manually to navigate to other lessons.


Name of Lesson Created by: Hyperlink to Files
Macbeth Tragic Hero David Valerio

Student Handout:  Macbeth Tragic Hero

Teacher Guide:  Teacher Guide Macbeth

Genetics Biology I Amber Jackson

Student Handout:Genetics Biology I

Teacher Guide: 

English IV Dr. McDaniel

Student Handout:Dr Mac English IV

Teacher GuideDr Mac English Class

Quadratics Cassandra Fair Williams

Student Handout:FlySwatter quadratics.ppt

Teacher Guide: 

Algebra II Syllabus Cassandra Fair Williams

alg2 sylabus.doc